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What is an interim marketing director or interim CMO?

An interim marketing director or interim CMO is a high-skilled expert responsible for marketing, brands and engagement vehicles. When hiring an interim CMO or interim marketing director at Reux Digital, you gain a consumer expert with data key to your business understanding as it drives growthOur interim marketing directors are used to work hand-in-hand with cross-functional teams and lead them to hit highly ambitious goals. We do so by identifying business opportunities beyond quick wins to unlock the full potential of your investments in marketing and technology.

The Value Of Our Interim Marketing Directors Or Interim CMOs

Trusted experience

All our interim marketing directors have +10 years of experience in the most competitive industries.



Our interim marketing directors are available at short notice, to step in and cover the emergencies.

No Extra Costs

Hiring our interim CMO services allows you to keep expenses predictable and cost-effective.

High-Impact Tools

Bridge gaps and embed business-critical change while working in multicultural and cross-functional teams.

How Do We Work?

Hiring our interim marketing directors or interim CMO is fast and simple. In fact, it can take us less than 3 days if you are in a hurry, but of course you can take your time to make a decision. You only need to contact us and we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your needs regarding goals, current marketing and management team, timeline and budget. Considering all those aspects, we will select the perfect senior marketing director for your business and let you meet him/her so you can make a wiser decision. And as soon as you decide it, we will sign the contract and get started!

What Does An Interim Marketing Director Do?

Did you know you can add a senior marketing director or an interim marketing director to your C-level team? Counting on one more full-time headcount is no longer necessary to show extraordinary results on your marketing strategy. Our interim marketing directors can be hired as interim CMOs and bring to the table +10 years of experience in the most competitive industries such as Tech, Financial Services, Insurance, SaaS and many more

So if your company is going through a significant disruption, or you don’t know exactly which positions will be needed to tackle your challenges but leadership is needed urgently, you will find in our interim marketing directors or interim CMO a very helpful partner. They know how to hire and lead your team and make your company stand out from the competition when hitting very ambitious goals is a priority.

When Do You Need An Interim Marketing Director?

As soon as you hire our interim marketing director or interim CMO services, we will quickly identify your goals, how we will measure them and we will meet your entire team. After that, we will focus our efforts on supporting your business goals through upskilling its performance, upgrading your corporate brand awareness and reinforcing your teams’ strengths. Our interim CMO will take care of your customer experience, drive true digital transformation and rethink your strategies if necessary as well.

How Can Our Interim Directors Help?

In these challenging times, our interim CMO or interim marketing director services can be seen as a way of buying time to find the right person for the senior marketing director position and an exceptional opportunity to bring a new, neutral and objective perspective to your business

As you know, hiring the wrong person into a senior leadership position can be very damaging and costly for a company. That’s why hiring an interim CMO or interim marketing director is a way of avoiding these risks while delivering outstanding results on execution and excelling leadership in strategic transitions

In other words, our interim marketing directors bring the skills and experience to deliver key projects and initiatives against this challenging backdrop, while leading your in-house team to hit your main goals. And once you find your definitive senior marketing director, he/she can take advantage of all the knowledge acquired and implemented by our interim CMO for early success.

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Why is Reux Digital your best choice?

When marketing leadership is missing, our interim CMO can develop and lead a winning strategy to help you get your marketing efforts organised and moving

Our interim CMO or interim marketing directors have been working with some of the world’s leading organisations, putting a wealth of experience and cross-functional expertise at your disposal. And since we are used to working remotely, in 6 different languages, providing our services online across the 5 continents, we carefully match experienced leaders to your corporate culture and ensure everyone has a clear understanding of what goals need to be met. Moreover, by hiring our services, you get access to high-performance senior marketing directors and proven and reliable management resources.

We provide powerful solutions that are typically not affordable to budget-constrained companies that have highly ambitious goals. This way, by outsourcing your marketing efforts to Reux Digital you save up to 30% of the costs of hiring an in-house senior marketing director and be sure that our interim marketing directors or interim CMO will deliver excellence at a strategic level to make change work. 

Moreover, we understand how important speed and flexibility in recruiting can be in order to react to market changes effectively. So we help you avoid those long hiring processes by offering you the opportunity to hire the appropriate interim marketing director or interim CMO whenever you need it, with no recruitment costs, in less than 3 days.

Meet Your Next Interim CMO

Your will work hand-in-hand with senior marketing directors. Get to know them!

Gisela Picon


Interim CMO. Ex Google, Banco Santander y John Deere.

Loretta De la Cruz


Senior Marketing Director and Interim CMO. Ex WhatsApp.

Olivia Martin


Interim CMO specialised in Analytics. Ex Samsung Ads.

James McKeel


Senior Marketing Manager. Ex Accenture.







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